Freedom at Workplace, Article in Deccan Chronicle (TVM) dated 23-04-2017


Predators at the workplace! Most Indian companies still do not abide by law against sexual harassment – The Economic Times

India’s law against sexual harassment at the workplace was passed in 2013, laying out processes that need to be followed in organised and unorganised sectors.


9 Steps You Can Take If You’ve Faced Sexual Harassment at Work – The Ladies Finger

Is there a rise in the number of sexual harassment cases in the workplace? Nope. We’ve always had these instances and experiences; it’s just that more women refuse to carry on with this bullshit anymore. Before I delve into a rant about how our society has turned boys into entitled brats, let’s take a step back and understand what sexual harassment in the workplace means.

5 Things That All Workplace Sexual Offenders Do And How To Spot Them – UrbanGirldom

There are innumerable instances of sexual harassment at the workplace, most of which go shushed. It takes some massive mountain moving to get these stories to light and seek justice properly.

Why India needs a feminist approach to mental health activism

Mental health in India has now found its era of activism where reformers, thinkers and social workers are taking on an arduous task to abolish the oscillating stigma. At the same time, the country’s feminist movement is also on a rise, with outcomes that are hard-hitting.

After 2 Years Of Sexual Harassment At The NGO I Worked For, An Apology E-mail Is All I Got

In 2009, I joined as a volunteer for a well-respected environmental NGO, bright-eyed, idealistic, and ready for change. But in 2012, two years after I joined as an employee, my view of this place was completely and utterly undone, when an older male employee repeatedly sexually harassed me, and the senior management didn’t even blink.

7 Things You’re Doing To Empower Rape Culture (And You Don’t Know It) – UrbanGirldom

One evening, as we watched Game of Thrones, my friend and I burst out laughing after the flawless and dangerously beautiful Melisandre said, ‘For the night is dark and full of terror.’ ‘Night is dark and full of terror? Phhhssst. Sounds like every single night for women in India. Bwahahahaa.’

660 Rape Crisis Centres Slashed: Survivor of Rape Speaks Out

I’m a rape survivor. I have survived sexual violence and I’m deeply disappointed at this moment. The Government has slashed 660 rape crisis centres that were initially approved and about to be set up in India, termed as ‘Nirbhaya centres’. They will now establish only 36 centres, one for each state and union territory.

Like Sapna Bhavnani, These Women Had The Guts To Tell Their Stories Of Abuse

Recently on Humans Of Bombay, Sapna Bhavnani shared her story of sexual abuse she faced some years ago. In recent times, a few other women have also stepped forward, recounting their tales of horror. Here, we’ve collected their stories, to celebrate their strength and courage and hopefully to inspire other women, who may be suffering in silence, to step out of the shadows.

Kashmir is a Feminist Issue: Sonam Mittal

Guest Post by SONAM MITTAL To understand why Kashmir is a feminist issue, let’s take up a hypothetical, or not-really-so-hypothetical-after-all, situation of an abusive relationship. A woman, gorgeous, graceful and delicate is in need of rescue. A man, mighty, strong and resourceful, offers to help. His only condition is that she should be his and…

The Spoilt Modern Indian Woman: A new meme is busting our everyday sexism

All racing cars including stock, rally or Formula 1 cars are specially built to push the limits of achievable speed. F1 cars can accelerate to 90 km/h in less than two seconds and touch top speeds of over 320 km/h. Stock cars also typically achieve over 300 km/h.

Meet the creators of the meme that’s fighting sexism in India

“Look at that bomb…defusing expert.”

Breaking stereotypes, meme by meme

Sonam Mittal and Bruce Vain are hard at work, breaking gender stereotypes. It is made difficult by the fact that half of the population does not want this to happen. But Mittal and Vain have tasted success as one can find it on their Facebook page-The Spoilt Modern Indian Women.

PHOTOS: Here’s How You Break The ‘Spoilt Modern Indian Women’ Stereotype

Since January 8, two Indians, one who goes by online pseudonym Bruce Vain, and his partner-in-crime Sonam Mittal have been attempting to break gender stereotypes in India with an interesting campaign on social media. The dynamic duo have started a series called “Spoilt Modern Indian Women”, a crowdsourced compilation of memes that “aim to start disruptive conversations, and challenge patriachy-driven social and cultural narratives,” says Vain.

How ‘Spoilt Modern Indian women’ are busting sexist stereotypes on Facebook

A Facebook group is using memes to call out sexist stereotypes of women in India. Spoilt Modern Indian Woman has attracted almost 15,000 likes since its launch last year. It aims to expose the ingrained sexism that still pervades much of Indian society.

How This Transgender Woman Was Killed Twice – UrbanGirldom

Alesha, a member of the Trans Action Board and the district coordinator of the Transgender Provincial Alliance in Pakistan, was shot six-times on Sunday, 22 May. Though she was immediately rushed over to Lady Reading Hospital in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, she was denied treatment for over an hour.

“Spoilt Modern Indian Woman” Facebook group uses memes to combat sexism

Spoilt Modern Indian Woman, a Facebook group that use memes to expose and mock sexism in Indian society, has attracted almost 15,000 likes since its inception last year. The group was co-founded by Sonam Mittal, who says she was inspired after being called a “spoilt modern Indian women” on social media in response to two blogs she wrote on Indian platform Youth Ki Awaaz.

5 Indian Women Breaking Gender Stereotypes

We, women, are always reminded of what we cannot and should not do. We are forced to do what others think is best for our and their ‘image’. We can see this in our everyday lives as well – we don’t see so many police women chasing down criminals, the entire male population laughs when we say that we can drive, we get reprimanded when we are late.

This is not just Nigeria’s problem

The story of the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls is heartbreaking and horrific. And it resonates in every place where there is repression and exploitation of females. The cry to bring back our girls is heard far beyond this African country