We at Azaadi believe in, actively promote, advocate and stand for:
Azaadi believes that all members of society should be accepted and treated fairly, equally and impartially. We work to ensure that equal status is created thorough proactive policies, behaviours and the distribution of resources which challenge the status quo, oppression and lack of opportunity, particularly those that result from patriarchal structures

We strongly believe that there is an interconnectedness and overlapping in the systems of discrimination or disadvantages in respect of race, class, caste and gender. We aim to build alliances, partnerships, joint movements and shared working that will undermine the differences among us and break down oppression, domination, or discrimination in the society

As Azaadi (Freedom) we need to ensure that as organisation, we retain our impartiality and self determination, particularly in relation to our funding sources. We refuse to accept donations from organizations and such other formal institutions and instead rely on individuals to promote our movement of independence.
Similarly, we strongly advocate for the right to think, live and act autonomously. Agency is critical to independence and we will fight to ensure individuals and groups have the right to make their own choices without fear or prejudice.

Creative Confrontation
We strongly believe that ‘once you witness injustice, you cannot claim ignorance as a defense of your inaction. We advocate for a society that actively works against injustice. Azaadi aims to speak up and speak out ethically, sensitively, and stand up, confront injustice and oppression, while encouraging creative, sustainable solutions.